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The New York Nut Growers Association is an all volunteer, non-profit organization that promotes nut tree growing in New York state. Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of nut trees and to provide cultural information to assist in growing nut trees for crops and timber.

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Of Note...

In Planning - 2024 Joint Conference in Syracuse, NY

The 2024 Joint Conference of the Northern Nut Growers Association, the Chestnut Growers of America, and the Walnut Council will be held this coming summer in Syracuse, NY. The New York Nut Growers Association will play a supporting role. To get involved in conference planning, please reach out to Jerry Henkin at sproutnut@aol.com.

Calling All Butternut Tree Owners

Check the genetic background of your butternut trees and support butternut research! Aziz Ebrahimi, a post-doctoral fellow at Purdue University in Indiana, has been researching various species of walnuts, including Persian walnut, eastern black walnut, and other species of Juglans from both America and Asia. His current research focuses on butternut trees (Juglans cinerea) and analyzing the genetic diversity and landscape genetics of the remaining butternut trees in the eastern forest region. Butternut trees can be pollinated with Japanese walnut trees, making it hard to distinguish between them. If you have butternut trees on your property or nearby and want to learn more about their genetic background, please contact Aziz at aebrahi@purdue.edu or 765-409-5277. The analysis will require 2-3 mature leaflets from each tree, stored in ziploc bags with dry silica gel which Aziz can provide upon request. He can also provide more detailed instructions regarding how to collect the leaves. He will need information about tree location, such as address/county/state and/or GPS coordinates. The New York Nut Growers Association appreciates your support of the development of a disease resistance breeding program to protect a valuable species.

Stay tuned for additional announcements. If you have an announcement worth sharing on this website related to nut growing in NY, reach out to Sara Tyler at sara@tylerseneca.com.



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